All You Need Is Love | Choose Joy

I used to scoff at the notion that “All you need is love” because love alone doesn’t make a marriage work or hold a family together; work does that. Now my opinion has evolved. Not that I believe if you love your spouse you’ll frolic through a magic land of unicorns and rainbows with nary a cloud in sight, but I’ve learned that what I’ve been reacting to with incredulity isn’t the idea of real love (because that does involve work), but the world’s view of love. Which, let’s be honest, is deeply flawed and shallow (if it can be deep and shallow at the same time). The world’s idea of love is bright, passionate, and ephemeral. Real love, true love, is constant and true, like the deep thrum of your heart in your chest or the perpetual rushing of blood through your veins.

That sort of love, the kind you can depend on, is all you need, and not in just a romantic sense. In all senses. Because love, despite its many manifestations, is simple and basic and pervading. It’s the most powerful force on Earth. It softens hearts and changes nations. It’s the best part of us; it’s the closest we get to the divine. It’s eternal.

Love does all this because real love isn’t just an emotion, it’s an action. If you love, you do. Love and service go hand in hand. Real love is work, joyful work. Work for others. This love is all you need because it’s the foundation of all else.

If we loved each other, then there would be no broken families, no corrupt governments, no hatred and wickedness and bloodshed. All we need is love. And the beauty is that it can start small, in the home, in the neighborhood. That sort of love catches fire and grows. Think of the happiness and joy love can bring—has brought—the world.

Choose Joy.


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