“I Love You” | Choose Joy

I do love you, readers. If no one else has told you, let me be the one to make it known. I don’t know you, true; though, if you’re reading this blog then you’re probably interested in mental and emotional health, maybe even have depression problem for yourself or know someone who does. No, I don’t know you, but I know you deserve love no matter where you’ve been or what you’ve done.

I love you.

Sometimes you need to hear it. Probably you need to hear it more often than you do. You might even need to say it. It’s awkward I know, saying those words. It leaves you vulnerable and exposed, a tender heart turned towards the possibility of so much rejection and harm.

Maybe you just need to get into the habit of saying it so that speaking those precious words leaves you a little less tender.

The thing is, those words need to be said. You need to hear them and say them. Knowing isn’t enough, especially when love must carry you through tumultuous tides and times. There’s power in words, after all, and these words are the most powerful of all.

Why You Need to Say the Words

You can tell people you love them. You can show them in deeds, in going to work each day to support a family, in cooking and cleaning and maintaining a household, in giving attention and time, in giving kisses and hugs. There are so many ways to show love, so why must you say the words too?

  • It makes you invested in the relationship.
  • It helps you feel it.
  • It makes others feel it and feel good.
  • It keeps the channels of communication open.
  • It deepens the feelings.

If you want some more reasons to say “I love you,” check out this Bolde article. Mostly, you don’t want the relationship to become something taken for granted. That’s a quick trip to a dead relationship, whether the love is romantic, familial, or philial. Besides, you need to let those words out so they don’t suffocate you.

Life is about love, friends. It brings joy to your life, light to the dark times.

Choose Joy, and Love.


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