Mothering | Choose Joy

Life is weird and wonderful, all these new experiences making me new in turn, bringing me happiness and joy in a different sort of service than I’ve ever known before.

Feed the World: What You Can Do

What could we as humans accomplish if we didn’t need to worry about survival? What could we create? Feeding the world bring happiness. Be happy.

15 Ways to Find Joy through Service

Remember how I talked about finding joy by helping others? Well, not long ago, I had one of “those” days; you know, the ones when you have a million things to do, responsibilities so heavy that you think your shoulders will crack, and nothing but more of the same on the horizon. It was a dark…

Heal Yourself by Healing Others

Upon reading The Elegance of the Hedgehog, I found this nugget: “If you want to heal, heal others.” In the context of this quote, Paloma—a brilliant 12-year-old girl who feels the meaninglessness of a life as member of the shallow high-class—comes to the conclusion that her unhappiness can be salved by reaching out to others. It’s…

Light the World

This year, I spent 25 days serving others for the LDS Church’s #LIGHTtheWORLD campaign. I donated food, clothes, and my cute little face to the world to show that everybody can make a big difference in a small way. For all of you who missed my daily Instagram posts about being Christ-like, here’s my entire month in review: Most importantly,…