Read the World & WWII Wrap-Up

I visited many countries. I lived thousands of years of history. I walked with peasants and kings, saints and tyrants.

Night | WWII

This isn’t Anne Frank’s belief in the goodness of people; it’s the murder of all belief in good.

The Last Battle | WWII

A World War II story where the U.S. Army and German Wehrmacht is interesting, but maybe a little over-dramatized.

Everyone Brave Is Forgiven | WWII

Many books have this thin patina of unreality. This book doesn’t have that. There’s no barrier. It’s you and them, experiencing it all together.

The Last Goodnight | WWII

This was a well-written, well-researched book that was very interesting. I would’ve loved it if I didn’t dislike the heroine so much.

A Hero of France | WWII

This book allows you to read between the lines of history, the stories that were never written down, that were carved on the heart; the only place they were safe.