Super Veggies | Healthy Habits

Eating more veggies isn’t a bad thing. You’d be amazed at how tasty they can be, and how good they make you feel.

Healthy Habits: Food | Choose Joy

Holiday indulgence isn’t much of a surprise. Most people pack on a few pounds thanks to Santa-shaped cookies and cream-filled cakes. But how does that affect your brain?

Healthy Habits Update: Sleep

A few weeks ago, I posted about finding joy and happiness through healthy habits. I said that a healthy body leads to a healthier, happier mind…and I stand by that. But…well, I blithely said that I would start by improving my sleep habits and signed off. It hasn’t been that easy. Not even close. Turns…

Finding Joy Through Healthy Habits

I want to start out by admitting that not all my habits are healthy. They’re not awful, so don’t go thinking that my history of depression (have I mentioned my history of depression yet?—Surprise!) has something to do with bad health, but they’re not as awesome as they could be. I run every day, try…