Mothering | Choose Joy

Life is weird and wonderful, all these new experiences making me new in turn, bringing me happiness and joy in a different sort of service than I’ve ever known before.

National Pet Day | Choose Joy

Pets are something special, a way for humans and animals to meet in harmony. They can lift burdens and inspire happiness.

How to Deal with Catastrophic Heartbreak | Choose Joy

How do you deal with your bleeding heart lying glittering and golden in your hands, refined through trials, burnished with affliction, still pliable, beautiful in its scarred brutality, beating with pain for someone else?

The Girl from Venice | WWII

This book is beautiful and romantic with a thread of hope that weaves throughout the entire plot, turning the death and destruction of war into a glimpse of the human capacity for good.

Number the Stars | WWII

I could say something here about the beauty of Lois Lowry’s prose, the poetry in her writing, the depth in her characters. All good reasons to enjoy a book. But I’ll just go with this: it’s true and important.

What My Parents Have Taught Me about Marriage

It all started with a product description. As a lark, and because my dad asked me, I wrote up a product description, a “Get your Gary!” sort of thing. But then I started thinking about it. I had written a few pithy lines about Gary’s selling points, but what got me was what I didn’t…