Learn to Be Alone | Choose Joy

Knowing yourself, really knowing and being comfortable in that knowledge, is essential to being happy. You can do it; find joy in yourself.

Sisters | Choose Joy

Sisters understand you like no other. They know you, the young child you and the adult you. They roll their eyes with you at your parents; they share the same inside jokes.

Super Veggies | Healthy Habits

Eating more veggies isn’t a bad thing. You’d be amazed at how tasty they can be, and how good they make you feel.

Friends | Choose Joy

I may not be a great friend, but I have great friends, and that makes all the difference. Friends bring joy to life.

Healthy Habits: Food | Choose Joy

Holiday indulgence isn’t much of a surprise. Most people pack on a few pounds thanks to Santa-shaped cookies and cream-filled cakes. But how does that affect your brain?

2018 Reading Goals

Can’t wait for another year of reading. I’m going to finally put a dent in my bookshelf reading list.

Read the World & WWII Wrap-Up

I visited many countries. I lived thousands of years of history. I walked with peasants and kings, saints and tyrants.