Make Goals | Choose Joy

Having some structure to your life, something you’re striving for when life gets hard, helps you to keep oriented on what’s really important and stay happy despite the tough times.

How to Deal with Catastrophic Heartbreak | Choose Joy

How do you deal with your bleeding heart lying glittering and golden in your hands, refined through trials, burnished with affliction, still pliable, beautiful in its scarred brutality, beating with pain for someone else?

Focus on the Good News | Choose Joy

Focus on the good news, friends. There will always be bad news, but that shouldn’t rule your world or your emotions because there’s just as much good.

The Forest | England

These people instilled hardiness and hope in all who came after, giving England the strength to endure and survive all that it has.

Learn to Be Alone | Choose Joy

Knowing yourself, really knowing and being comfortable in that knowledge, is essential to being happy. You can do it; find joy in yourself.

Sisters | Choose Joy

Sisters understand you like no other. They know you, the young child you and the adult you. They roll their eyes with you at your parents; they share the same inside jokes.

Super Veggies | Healthy Habits

Eating more veggies isn’t a bad thing. You’d be amazed at how tasty they can be, and how good they make you feel.