• Ghostwriting – I’ve worked on several ghostwriting projects that span product descriptions to in-depth articles. Some of the notable sites I’ve written for include:
    • Ask.com and Reference.com – I wrote well over 3,000 200-word Question and Answer articles
    • Throwback.to – I wrote over 250 pop culture articles about popular clothing, books, and toys from the 1970s through the 2000s
    • Overstock.com – I’ve written thousands of these product descriptions thus far
    • GreaterGood.org (and connected sites) – I’ve written dozens of these articles about animals, nature and human interest stories
    • Apartments.com – I participated in this project in which I wrote profiles and overviews of neighborhoods throughout the United States
  • SEO for Bonnier Corporation – I optimized several articles for magazines under the Bonnier Corporation umbrella including Working Mother, Outdoor Life, SportDiver, ATV Rider, Baggers, Cruising World, Cycle World, Dirt Rider, Islands, Motorcyclist, and others.
  • Story curation from Reddit for Gateway Media, Inc. – I collected stories from Reddit, wrote titles, and added pictures for given topics.
  • Ultius academic papers – I’ve written a range of academic papers from pop culture to medical and business topics
  • Business Fliers: