Fat Moments

When you’re sitting down at the TV, are you doing something else? Do you go to a restaurant with the family just to get on your phone and check up on Facebook (because forbid you miss a single update!) or scroll through your Twitter feed? Are you a hardcore believer in multi-tasking just to waste eons of time (time that you’re afraid to add up for all the wasted hours and days you have to show for it) playing a game on your phone or checking up on your Instagram peeps (yet again)?

Do you do this? Because I’m not judging you. Oh, I play my games while watching TV to make myself feel better about doing either. But yes, I’m always bemoaning lost time, when it’s never been lost, just squandered. By me.

Squandering Time

True story: As I write late into the night, marveling at the hours I’ve spent and congratulating myself on my hard work, I realize that this isn’t well-used time. It’s make-up time. I’m making up for squandering my morning away. Taking my own good time—I won’t even tell you how much, it’s that embarrassing—to get going in the morning. I used to tell myself I’m not a morning person (I’m not), and I don’t drink coffee so waking up time takes longer (true enough), but I’m now admitting to you all…it’s just a big excuse. These things might be true separately, but together they make up meaningless words. People all over the world, who aren’t morning people, manage to rouse themselves and get ready for the day in a reasonable time. There’s no reason for me not to do likewise.

I put my morning off until it’s no longer morning, then I rush through the day to accomplish what I must. I call “multi-tasking” the only way to manage my time when in reality it robs me of the present. When you squander the morning and multi-task through the afternoon, you find yourself at the end of the day having not lived it at all. There’s no present, no introspection, no precious everyday moments to treasure. It’s just day after day of existing.

If that’s not enough to depress you, then I’m surprised you’re reading this. It’s enough to depress me just writing about it. There’s no joy in such an existence because there’s no progression, just a stagnancy that runs you down.

Recapturing Time

Luckily, you can recapture this time and turn depression into happiness fairly easily. It’s all about time management. Or maybe I should say being present. Or mindful. There are all sorts of words for it, but it all boils down to this: soaking up the moment you’re in.

Soak Up Your Moments

If I’m soaking up my morning moments—really enjoying each and everyone like stretching, making my bed, eating breakfast—instead of squandering them (which means doing nothing much, definitely nothing memorable), then I’ve had enough of these fat moments full of experiences (as opposed to anemic moments that leave me unfulfilled and chasing more) to urge me on to the rest of the day.

Basically, soaking up the moments = fat moments that satisfy, while squandering time and worrying about the future (or past) = anemic moments that leave you unfulfilled.

It’s like eating a ton of cotton candy to quench your hunger. Instead of your body filling satisfied with the nutrients, it’s crying out for real nutrients (of which cotton candy has none), causing you to eat more cotton candy and getting absolutely nowhere in terms of satisfying your body’s needs.

Have full, well-rounded moments when you’re there. Bacon is good. Eating bacon while scrolling through Facebook is less good, muted, because you’re not giving it your full attention.

Give every moment your full attention.

We want fat moments. Fat full-bodied moments nourish our souls, our daily lives. Such moments bring deep thoughts, learning, and beauty. They bring joy.

Choose Joy.





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