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It’s been about 18 months since I blogged about filling up your day with fat, satisfying moments. As I prepared to write this, I re-read that post. I remember the struggle that led me to write it: I remember struggling with time-management (a pretty typical issue when you work from home on your own schedule); I remember struggling with creating good habits.

My life has changed since I wrote that post. I’ve changed much of those bad habits. I’ve changed jobs. But that’s not to say that I’ve found mindfulness. I haven’t entirely. I think it’s one of those journeys that takes a lifetime, a lifetime of reminding yourself to see the sunset or pondering the music that’s playing right now or enjoying a cookie as you eat it (instead of thinking about the calories and carbs you’re—guiltily—consuming).

I’m glad, then, that the Action for Happiness‘ kindness calendar for the month is Mindful March:

This calendar boasts a plentitude of mindfulness ideas from appreciating what you have today, right now to noticing the beauty around you (even if it’s snowing yet again) to loving the ones you are with. Whether you’re going to watch a movie without doing anything else or take up meditation, do it with your whole heart and mind. I’ve found that sadness and depression can’t live in a moment that’s already being fully lived.

Choose Joy.


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  1. momslovelearning says:

    This calendar is very sweet.


    1. ofnoblebirth says:

      All kudos to Action for Happiness. It puts out a new calendar every month!

      Liked by 1 person

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