Bahamas | Day 4: Enjoying the View

I’m not one of those people who needs to fill every minute of the day with activity. I respect those people, are awed by their boundless energy—I just choose to be awed from the comfort of the couch. So when it comes to a vacation in paradise, I’m more of the dig-your-toes-into-the-sand, observe-the-marine-life, enjoy-the-view sort of person. Which I was able to do today.

And what a view:

Bahamas, Club Med
View from our hotel. You can see the remnants of the once infamous Club Med to the left (apparently something’s going on there again).


Like I said, I’m a fan of the scenery, which is fantastic. Because there are no factories in the Bahamas (or at least not an appreciable amount), there’s no water pollution, one of the reasons the water is so blue. It really is as brilliantly jewel-toned as you hear:

Bahamas, turquoise water
The darkness in the water is coral.


The Bahamas are known for their turtles. In fact, Atlantis takes in injured sea turtles and rehabilitates them before returning them to the ocean. While I was there, they were releasing baby sea turtles (an experience you can have for the low low price of $1000. Per person). Or you can view the sea turtles (and other big fish like the sawtooth and rays that they’re nursing back to health)—for free—in the outdoor aquariums designed to resemble the rocky shallows that they inhabit. Much more my style:



Moral of the story: Enjoy the view. Take a breather. It’s this—the turquoise waters, white sand, and intrepid wildlife—that gives the Bahamas its charm. Everything else is just frosting.

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