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This week for Light the World suggests we share on “social media about someone who is an example of Christlike service.” I have to tell you, I’m hard-pressed to not find somebody who has been an example to me of the love of our Savior.

People Who Inspire Me:

I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by good people my entire life. Excellent people, even:

  • My parents. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my parents, who are some of the very best people I’ve ever known. They’ve taught me about life, love, marriage, and sacrifice. They’re the type of people who go visit others not because it’s expected, but because they love it. You know what my dad told me? He told me that when he died (in years and years, if I get my druthers), he wanted everybody who comes to the funeral to get pumpkin bread. To remember him by. And my mom…well, she raised 10 children, at least nine of whom are amazing individuals. All while remaining sane.
  • My brother. I have many siblings that are inspirations to me, who are examples of Christlike service—for instance, a sister who works full-time, has kids, and still finds time to help everybody else out—but I’d like to focus on the brother who’s only here in spirit: Adam. He’s a good person. He helped others easily, happily even. He was always there when you needed him. The world was a darker place when he died.
  • My friend(s). They might actually read this (unlike my parents), so they’d be embarrassed if I gave their names (let’s call them B and A). They’ve been amazing friends, ushering me into their circle of friendship. I’m not good at reaching out, so they’ve done all the reaching. I have another friend with health problems, and this one friend is always ready to bring food, clean her place, take her where she needs to go. She befriends all sorts of people, completely nonjudgmental and ready to widen her circle of love. It’s amazing. She’s amazing.
  • My Relief Society president. This woman is so indefatigable, so tireless despite health problems. She’s warm and loving. She’s busy, with a career and family, but she still managed to surprise my dad with a tasty dessert that she knew he’d like. This is only one example of her Christlike service.

There are more of you out there (like from this story); don’t think you’re not loved and appreciated. You are. I feel every moment of service deeply. We all do. Whether you’re the one serving or being served, it brings so much joy.

Choose Joy.


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  1. Claudia Giron Johanson-Translator says:

    You are wonderful, Allison! What powerful words of gratitude and appreciation!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ofnoblebirth says:

      All true!


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