Helping Refugees | Light the World

Whether you want to help refugees here in the United States or out in the larger world, there are several things you can do:

  • Donate to the LDS Church Humanitarian serviceThis is honestly my first and only choice. While so many charities give only so many cents on a dollar, 100% of money you give to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints goes to helping others.
  • Go to the International Rescue Committee: There are several ways you can donate through this organization from donating food and goods to hosting a refugee.
  • Volunteer to teach refugees English: If you have limited resources, teaching English is hugely important and it doesn’t require special skills, just a will to help.
    • This video gives you an idea what to expect and how to start the process.
    • You can also volunteer via IRC.
  • Look into the I Was a Stranger Initiative: The Church of Jesus Christ’s I Was a Stranger Initiative is a great place to go for more ideas and resources.

I admit that I’ve been remiss in helping the refugees. Maybe it’s all the political turmoil and debate surrounding it that makes me want to avoid the issue entirely, but that’s not an option. Not anymore. So consider this my rallying cry to the cause.

We are all in this mortal existence together. We must be in it together. Division doesn’t work, it doesn’t bring happiness. Helping each other, though. That’s magic. That’s happiness. That’s joy.

Choose Joy.


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