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In an effort to live up to New Things November, I did several new things this month. I tried a new recipe (or five), cooked with new ingredients (hello, spaghetti squash!), discovered meditation, tried a new art form (to be discussed), and got into a new topic (also to be discussed). I feel like I really explored myself, and the world, a little bit more this month. 

I work at a school where we emphasize trying new things. It’s called Discovery Day. Students learn about new things and learn new skills. It’s a year-long, on-going experience with several sessions. Part of my job is to join the kids on these Discovery Days, make sure nobody cuts off a finger, and encourage them to try these new things and open their minds to new things (pickleball, soccer, cake decorating, art, aviation, sewing, etc.) even when they don’t want to or aren’t confident enough in themselves. Through this, I’ve learned about these things as well. I see the value in Discovery from the perspective of a teacher and from the perspective of a human being always learning and growing. This month has made me respect my students even more. It takes guts to try something new. Especially when you’re young and unsure (not to mention older and stuck in your ways).

New Things:

As I said, this month was all about new things, so here are some of the ones I tried:

string art
  • String art. I actually love string art. It’s an art form (maybe?) that’s rather lovely and doesn’t take years to perfect. Basically, it’s a skill you can learn within a day or so. And it’s fun. Thanks to my sister, I tried it; I’m hooked.
  • Science Friday. It’s a podcast, and it gives me insight into a subject that I love but have had so little time to really explore.
  • Meditation. I’m not sure I’ll ever get into meditation, but it’s given me a lot to think about.
  • New recipes. Aka: food experimentation. Two of the foods/recipes I tried this month—low carb Stromboli and spaghetti squash—have become new favorites of mine.
  • Candy making. I haven’t done this yet, but in a few days I’m going to learn how to make candy: toffee, dipped chocolates, all the good stuff. I’m very excited.

Sometimes learning new things can be painful—growth can hurt; it should hurt sometimes a little—but that pain never lasts. The learning does, though. And happiness comes from expanding your mind and heart and soul.

Choose Joy.


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