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The Action for Happiness calendar suggests that you make “a meal using a recipe or ingredient you’ve not tried before.” It couldn’t be anymore perfect for today, one of my cooking days. I decided to make Stromboli. I saw this low carb mozzarella dough recipe, and it had to happen. Then I found a recipe for harvest(y) pizza. Naturally, I decided to combine the two, add some flare of my own, and voila!

This beauty (left) has a pumpkin pasta sauce base with cinnamon sugar roasted butternut squash, apple cider caramelized onions, thin apple slices, cranberry and white cheddar crumbles, bacon, and roasted pecans. The result? Amazingness.

I also made a second Stromboli (right). It has a spinach pesto base, mozzarella cheese, ground turkey, thinly sliced spicy ham, and roasted garlic. Also amazing. It’s hard to pick out my favorite, but I do have a soft spot for autumn-inspired foods.

I’m a fan of trying new foods. It’s not a first for me—I often try new ingredients and recipes—but I’m constantly surprised by how fun (and delicious) it can be. Learn something new; cook something new. It will bring a spark of happiness to your life. After all, learning and growth is a part of life.

Choose Joy.



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