Bahamas | Day 9: Meeting Dory

The Bahamas are living islands, ever growing. It makes sense, then, that coral reefs and snorkeling lie feet from the beaches.

Bahamas | Day 5: Once Upon a Fort

If you look hard enough, you’ll find a castle in any country. This one wasn’t protected by knights, though; it was protected by a Howitzer.

Bahamas | Day 3: Digging The Dig

The Dig brought out my child-like enthusiasm. Even adults need a little mystery and magic in their lives, a “what if” to get the rainbow-inducing, creative gears churning in their heads.

A Bus to Galway

On my way to visit Mom and Dad in Ireland, I had to hop a bus at the Dublin airport and ride it across the country to Galway. Now, I’m not great in new situations, especially foreign ones, but I did some research about the bus company and depot ahead of time and even ordered…