Bahamas | Day 2: Hug a Dolphin

Dolphins are like puppies. Great, big puppies that are super-smart and super-playful. And cuddly. Surprised? I was too, a bit. I don’t usually think, “Dolphins, all that thick, rubber-like skin is so pet-able.” But cuddly is more about personality than it is about actual plushness. Not all big guys are jolly and huggable (except my dad, who is all of that and possibly the world’s best hugger). Not all dogs are fun to pet. Dolphins may not look like cuddlers, but their playfulness and perpetual grin make them nearly as cuddly as my pops.

(*When I spell checked this post, “plushness,” “huggable,” “hugger,” and “cuddlers” were all underlined in red. How are they not words? I’m leaving them as they are out of principle.)dolphin swim

There are two opportunities for dolphin interaction when staying on Nassau (New Providence island, Bahamas): the Atlantis resort dolphins which are actually rescues and Blue Bay Lagoon dolphins and sea lions. I’ve heard good things about both, but it was to Blue Bay that I went today. You get more swim time and one-on-one play with the Blue Bay bunch (or so I heard from very reliable sources).

I kissed a dolphin (and he—Cacique—kissed me!):

dolphin swim
Kissable lips.

And we hugged:

dolphin swim
Dolphins may not have arms, but they’re excellent huggers.

We pretty much became best buddies:

dolphin swim
Just chillin’ with my pal (and his distant cousin, Clifton).

Moral of the story: When in the Bahamas, swim with the dolphins. Totally worth it. Hugging a dolphin is even more therapeutic than playing with puppies, if you can fathom such a thing. It should be covered under insurance for its health and wellness properties.

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