Bahamas | Day 8: Swaggering Through Marina Village

I’ve actually never swaggered a day in my life, but I like the visual. It was more of a creeping-along-at-a-snail’s-pace-so-I-don’t-miss-anything-good sort of walk. It’s actually how I hike. I go 10 feet, take a picture, go another 10 and HAVE to take yet another picture. I’m a meanderer.

Anyway, the Marina Village is technically part of Atlantis, but it has a colorful facade, live music, and fun shops (even though most are ridiculously expensive), making it seem less like part of the ginormous Atlantis resort and more like a quaint little Bahamian village. It’s cute, and I’m a fan of cute.

Not that you can really get into the illusion because no quaint Bahamian village has huge yachts docked nearby. It costs at least $6,000 per night to dock a ship here. So yeah, it looks different when you know that. Unfortunately.IMG_1173.jpg

Why is why I like to stay focused inside the village (even if I’m missing a great view). Of course, if you look hard enough at the shops, you’ll notice things not found in your average Bahamian village, like a diamond boutique.

Moral of the story: Don’t get caught up in details; appreciate beauty (or cuteness) wherever you find it.

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