Happy New Year January | Choose Joy

I confess that I’m slightly disappointed this calendar doesn’t have alliteration: New Things November, Do Good DecemberHappy New Year January? I can manage, but I’ll blame that lack for me not getting to this post until mid-month.

happy new year

New Year January

From what I can tell, the Action for Happiness calendar for the month doesn’t really have a theme, but it’s still full of good, helpful suggestions:

1. “Find three good things to look forward to this year.”

—January 1

Only three? Let’s see: doing my ARL (alternative route to licensure—yes, I’m going to be a teacher), my brother and sister-in-law moving closer (then I can see my cute nieces and nephews more often!), traveling (I don’t know when or where, but it’s going to happen), etc.

2. “Write down ten things you feel grateful for in life and why.”

—January 7
  • Jesus Christ. My friend, my brother, my Savior. My all.
  • The Gospel of Jesus Christ. It grounds me; it gives me a firm foundation on which to build my life.
  • The scriptures. Without the holy scriptures, I would not have the knowledge or the closeness to God that I have. The entire world would be a darker place.
  • My family. They’re always there for me.
  • My country. Living here I have so many freedoms and possibilities. I’m part of a beautiful legacy.
  • Books. I can live a thousand lives, go on a million adventures, through books. They impart learning and excitement; they teach and inspire.
  • My talents. Through my God-given talents, I can help others and lift them up, even if it’s just a little bit.
  • The ability to change. I’m so thankful for the ability to change, to become better. You hear the saying that people don’t change; this is false. People can change and they do. That’s one of our divine gifts.
  • Love. In the end, it’s all about love. The goal is to become it in such a way that it is something we are and not just something we do.
  • The Earth. This is a beautiful planet containing wonders. I’ve seen some, I’ve read about others. This world is a blessing.

3. “Write down your dreams and plans for the future.”

—January 31

I don’t know if I know ya’ll well enough to be introducing you to my plans and dreams, but here’s to never meeting a stranger…get a teaching license, publish my novels, meet Mr. Right and have children (one set of triplets—or whatever, I’m not picky), do a lot more traveling, have all my family together in one place (probably a mansion I’ll have to rent out) for Christmas at least once, become a better person throughout this life.

Take some time this January to look back on life in gratitude and look forward in faith.

Choose Joy.


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