Changing Seasons | Choose Joy

I’m a huge fan of the changing seasons. It’s one of the reasons I could never live in southern California or Florida or certain parts of Texas. I crave the change (which is ironic coming from a person who does not like change in her own life).

Fall is especially poignant. That chilly, crisp air. That lingering sent of ripe apples. Those twirling, falling russet and crimson and golden leaves. That cold blue autumn sky. The ushering in of sweaters and mugs of hot chocolate and late night, flickering fireplace flames. The togetherness of Thanksgiving and the onset of Christmas. Autumn isn’t just a season that I visually enjoy; it’s a season that my soul enjoys, that’s been a part of my favorite memories from before I knew what fall or Thanksgiving or Christmas was.

I’m of the opinion that fall winks out too soon. It’s too fleeting:

Ephemeral fall
It appears high up in the mountains
when it's still sweltering below
Suddenly a lonely tree bursts into flame
and you gasp with surprise and delight
You wait eagerly for each subsequent, lower tree to turn
like a great, colorful wave
sweeping down from mountains to valleys

Suddenly—and brilliantly—the entire world is in flame
And then that moment,
arguably one of the greatest gifts from nature to man,
The clock turns
Time turns
And red and orange fade to tan and brown
Supple leaves crinkle up like old parchment,
crumbling into dust
Colorful branches caressing the sky
become stark, bare branches, scratching at the faded blue

But for those brief weeks,
something miraculous happens
It's a small miracle,
one that recurs
A celebration of life and change
Memorable endings
and the makings of beginnings

I just love fall. Everything about it. The sounds, the smells, the feels. The changing of the seasons. The brilliant foliage juxtaposed against darkening skies. It makes me happy.

What’s your favorite season and why?

Be Happy and Choose Joy.


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