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I love Fall, that chilly, crisp air. That lingering scent of ripe apples. Those twirling, falling russet and crimson and golden leaves.

Boston & Books: Part 3 – Robert Frost

I’m between projects and finals at the moment, so I thought I’d take a moment to jot down a blog post (or two). I have plenty of posts planned, but finding the time is a different matter.   For my last Boston & Books series, I’m looking at Robert Frost, a fantastic New England poet….

Boston & Books: Part 1 – William Blake

It’s been awhile. After May, I decided that I needed a break. Time to come back to myself. I’m starting out with a series called Boston and Books. Enjoy. Boston is a great city. For me, growing up in the country, the close quarters, the tall, narrow houses and crazy parking was overwhelming. People practically…


On this Father’s Day I decided to write a poem in part for the father that Adam didn’t have a chance in this life to be and in part for all the fathers in my life I know and love. As I wrote this poem, I was inspired by several father/son duos in my own…

If I Could Write You Again

It’s that time again: another Adam poem. I wrote this poem after pondering the first line in my head for several days now: “If I could write you.” It seemed a fitting thought, with all the writing I do. The best thing about being a writer is the power to control worlds and people with…