Joyful June | Choose Joy

I had no idea that Action for Happiness had a calendar for every month, but now that I do, I’m definitely going to post about it each month! It’s awesome because the foundation gives you something every day that can help you be a little happier, and they’re easy things. You don’t have to go out and solve world hunger or anything. Just count your blessings, serve others, do something you love (etc.). This month is Joyful June.joyful_june.jpg

Today is “Bring to mind three things you’re grateful for and write them down.” Once you get going, you’ll find that you have more than three. Many more:

  1. The gospel of Jesus Christ
  2. Eternal families
  3. My Lizzy

To get the most out of these calendars and have a resource for happiness during a Dark Day, I journal each day about whatever the suggestion is. Then I can look back on them. I actually journal digitally on Evernote. You can add tags, so I just search a tag (#ChooseJoy), and find all my journal entries for the subject. Maybe you’re a bullet journaler. Or a blogger. Or maybe you have a best friend you like to talk or text and with whom you share your experiences. Whatever your method, take advantage of these little ideas and find big results. After all, being happy is your responsibility, your choice.

Choose Joy.


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