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I don’t like change. In fact, I hate it; I loathe it entirely. It’s uncomfortable, often painful, and always requires some sort of learning curve. But I’m not short-sighted enough to think that a person could or even should avoid it, even if she can.

Change is necessary, as essential as it is brutal.

Which is why I’m trying to create change in my own life. I’m currently in the middle of a career shift from writing to teaching (this has nothing to do with my blog; that will continue). There are several reasons for this, one that freelance writing is inconsistent, the other that it’s so hard to want to do creative writing when I write all day for work (as I’ve mentioned before).


I’m comfortable in my current writing job. It may not be fulfilling, it may not feel like I’m doing much good, but I know how it works, it’s flexible, and I can work in my pajamas. Plus, I’m good at it.

Teaching? I have no experience whatsoever except for what I do twice a month at church with the 12-13 year olds. I don’t have a teaching degree (at most I have a Master’s degree in technical communication). I never expected to teach. But a lot of praying and fasting and inquiry and faith (and other people) have all led to this road, which I’m obediently trying to trod without going into anxiety attacks. This might be a good time to mention that public speaking is my fear; I don’t like getting up in front of people; I am more introverted than extroverted.

So why am I doing this all? Well, I’m supposed to for whatever reason (the Lord knows). And something in my life needs to change. Sometimes it takes a big change to shake us up. I’d rather the change was something small, but that’s not to be my destiny. So my challenge now is finding a teaching job without a teaching degree (something you can do in a few states, even if it isn’t easy).

I fought against this change for a while now, and I’ve finally capitulated. If I’m to leave you with any wisdom, it’s this: Don’t fight the inevitable. Accept change with grace and good humor, and it will go easier for you. Plus, you’ll be happier. Remember, happiness has nothing at all to do with your circumstances—like a job—and everything to do with what’s inside.

Choose Joy.


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  1. Amy says:

    Good luck, Allison! That sounds exciting, and I know you’ll excel at it!


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