D.E.A.R. Day | Choose Joy

Today—D.E.A.R. or Drop Everything and Read Day—is my sort of day. Reading is my happiness (and sadness…as in I read much more on those days when I’m depressed because I seek an escape. It can be very confusing. The difference, I’ve found, is in the type of books; candy novels are my escape). Anyway, rather long monologue aside, reading is amazing, and I would love to be able to drop everything (aka job) and just read. All day. I’d finish Ivanhoe, start on a Charles Dickens, read my new Cassandra Clare…it would be awesome. And days like this—a snowy day—is perfect for cuddling up and just losing yourself in another world.

Readers, unite!

I did that a little. For about 10 minutes. Then I had to go to the store, finish writing an article, make dinner, and before I knew it the day was almost over. This should be a week-long holiday. Month long. Mardi Gras? Nah. Just give me a book, a comfortable seat, and hours to myself.

Benefits of Reading:

Other than the pure pleasure of reading, there are other benefits, like…

  • Teaching you to think
  • Introducing you to new ideas and concepts
  • Widening your worldview
  • Expanding your knowledge
  • Inspiring creativity
  • Providing healthy entertainment
  • Exercising your mind

Here are some more reading benefits to inspire you to crack that book (or open your e-reader because any reading is better than none). But mostly reading—at least to me—brings joy because all the benefits above help the mind be a little happier.

Choose Joy.


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