Reading Goals: Review

Another year has gone. I cannot believe how quickly 2017 flew by. One moment I’m reading Rise and Fall of the Third Reich and trying to lose those few Christmas pounds, and the next thing I know I’m binge blogging and trying not to gain new Christmas pounds. Craziness. Which is why I haven’t yet written about how my 2017 reading goals went last year.

I only had three. Simple, to the point. Intense:

  • World War II: 38 books consisting of 16 histories, 11 historical fiction novels, 6 memoirs or personal histories, and 5 children’s books.
  • Read the World: 71 books—28 of which were from my World War II list—consisting of 5 about Germany, 3 about India, 6 about Italy, 9 about France, 3 about Brazil, 6 about Greece, 7 about Poland, 6 about Russia, 6 about Japan, and 10 about England.
  • Classics: 10 classics, 9 of which were on my Read the World list.

In all, I read 153 books this year, 27 of which were audiobooks and 8 of which were novels. I only reviewed about half of the books I read (I didn’t have the time to review all). If you want more details about World War II and Read the World, I wrote a wrap-up about the two earlier this week.

I consider my 2017 reading goals a rousing success. I can’t wait for another year.


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