Band of Brothers | WWII

Band of Brothers follows one company of men with extraordinary courage through Europe to victory.

All the Light We Cannot See | WWII

There’s more to light or truth than what we can physically see; that light is almost a tangible essence that lifts us up. Indeed, there’s light all around that can make us our better selves if we let it. It’s a light that Marie-Laure, blind as she was, could see, while Werner, with all this brilliance and knowledge, was blind to until the very end:

Hero on a Bicycle | WWII

War can harden or humble a person. Some of these characters allowed it to turn them into better people.

The Girl from Venice | WWII

This book is beautiful and romantic with a thread of hope that weaves throughout the entire plot, turning the death and destruction of war into a glimpse of the human capacity for good.

Number the Stars | WWII

I could say something here about the beauty of Lois Lowry’s prose, the poetry in her writing, the depth in her characters. All good reasons to enjoy a book. But I’ll just go with this: it’s true and important.

In the Garden of Beasts | WWII

If you want a unique look into Germany right before the war and those events that led up to it, if you want to read about some of the everyday people who lived and loved and suffered in that country during that time, read this book. It was fascinating and entertaining and a little haunting.

Slaughterhouse-Five | WWII

This book is an interesting look at the typical soldier—and Billy does symbolize any soldier with his non-existent personality— forced to participate in a war not of his choosing.

Hidden Figures | WWII

This book should be read for how it inspires, for how it illustrates hard work and determination and a lack of self-pity can go so far, for how it shows people of all genders and races and nationalities can accomplish so much together.

The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich | WWII

I knew intellectually that Hitler was something of a mad man. I mean, you can’t murder millions of people with a matter-of-fact, blasé attitude without being crazy. But after reading this book, after the peek I had into his mind, it’s my opinion that he was a completely, repentantly psychopathic monster. He was the worst type of psychotic: brilliant and psychotic. They do the most damage, and he was the tool of the deaths of multitudes.