Ivanhoe | England

Ivanhoe by Walter Scott is an intriguing mix of romance, historical fiction, adventure, and legend.

King John | England

Not Shakespeare’s best effort, but it does nicely dramatize ancient history.

The Hobbit | England

This book made me want to relax at Bag End with Bilbo or sing with the dwarves. The writing was charming, witty, and fun.

The Forest | England

These people instilled hardiness and hope in all who came after, giving England the strength to endure and survive all that it has.

Read the World & WWII Wrap-Up

I visited many countries. I lived thousands of years of history. I walked with peasants and kings, saints and tyrants.

Read the World Wrap-Up | Japan

Japan’s an interesting place with an interesting people who have taken and incorporated the best of Western society into their country.

The Tale of Genji | Japan

This book catches a glimpse of Japanese court life in the 11th century that we’d never see otherwise, a look at the morals and values of a culture so far removed from Western thought.