These Running Shoes of Mine…on Oquirrh Lake

Lately my running routine has been that: a routine. A boring, mind-numbing routine. Running the exact same 5 miles day after day makes that 5 miles seem more like 10. Or 20. So I’ve recently made the decision that at least once a week I’ll run at a new location, something different from my usual.

So in the spirit of my new resolution, I give you my new running location of last week: Oquirrh Lake:running Oquirrh Lake

Located in Daybreak, Oquirrh Lake is a manmade lake clearly meant to be a place of recreation. As such, it’s a warren of running paths. There are beaches, kayak launches, playgrounds, and piers, etc. I saw some guy sailing by on a miniature sailboat.

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Basic Info:

  • 3.4 miles around (I didn’t run over the many bridges to the interior, but I imagine running the island would be another 1.5-1.75 miles)
  • 27 more miles of trails around the area
  • The lake’s fairly round except for one elongated arm. You can always use the bridge and forego that arm, but it’s about a mile off your total run distance
  • Bridges. Many, many bridges (6 in all), which are delightful. Plus, you start running the bridges across the lake, and your mileage shoots up (if you like that sort of thing)
  • Plenty of parking
  • Bathrooms (big for runners—’nuff said)
  • Find everything you need at Live Daybreak

Final Musings:

Yup, I’m going back. There are trails I haven’t run and beauty I have yet to absorb.

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