Even Hedgies Get Sick

Mom’s not been blogging or even reading for the last several days since I got sick. Personally, I think it’s much ado about nothing. Yes I have a lump under my jaw that the vet says is a skin infection, and yes eating isn’t so much fun. But I still nap all the time and run on my wheel in the middle of the night, so… What’s the problem?

Apparently I nap TOO much (if that’s even a thing) and don’t eat or run enough. In fact, Mom started pureeing my food and feeding me with a syringe because I don’t like to chew with the lump under my jaw. Plus, hedgies are prone to mouth cancer, WHS (Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome), dental problems, and cysts (even if I am generally too young to get the first two and the last two are treatable).

I’ve been taking antibiotics, my lump has been shrinking, and I’m more interested in food and water, so Mom should really not worry so much. Plus, I’m pretty sure she’s smothering me with love.

I’m blogging to get her started again, and then maybe I can nap in peace.

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