These Running Shoes of Mine…on Jordan River Parkway, Murray

This week I went to the Jordan River Parkway. It’s close, convenient, and long. You can pretty much park anywhere along it and be guaranteed a new running experience. I went to the Murray section. Again, because of the closeness (I’m lazy). But if you’re in Salt Lake and you need a little nature getaway without going to the mountains, go to the Jordan River Parkway. Or Oquirrh Lake.Jordan Rive Parkway Murray


The Jordan River Parkway follows roughly along the Jordan River, which flows north to south through the middle of the valley.

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Basic Info:

  • 45 miles long
  • Runs from about 30th north Salt Lake valley to 72nd north Utah Valley that’s about 254 blocks (or in other words from Legacy Parkway to Utah Lake). And even at those points, the Jordan River Parkway transforms into the Legacy Parkway to the north and Utah Lake Parkway to the south
  • Dozens of parks lie along the parkway. Do you need a bathroom break or to refill that water bottle? Well, no problem!
  • Those parks also offer plenty of parking. So if you get bored with one stretch of the trail, just move north or south to a new stretch
  • Neighborhood trailheads for easy access
  • Equestrian, paved, and dirt paths
  • More info (and a map!) at The Jordan River Commission

Final Musings:

I’ve been along this particular stretch of the Jordan River Parkway Trail many times, so I wasn’t expecting something new…until I stepped off the paved paths and discovered a warren of dirt trails that insinuated between the river and ponds. I’m starting to wonder what else I missed out on. Time to go back and explore some more!

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