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Let’s face it, we’re all weirdees. Whatever measure of normalcy there is out there by which we judge by is completely arbitrary. Who’s to say what is strange and what is not? What person can be the control for the entire human race? Nobody, because strangeness is perception, completely subjective. I think people who don’t like to read are weird. There are some who think I’m weird because I like to run. In the end, we’re all weird. And do you know what? Weirdness adds spice, it makes things interesting.

I was a weird kid. I was a weirder kid than I am an adult. I was a huge fantasy and dragon nerd. I obsessed over horses and The Lion King movie. I was a little socially awkward. Let’s face it, I was different. The whole depression, OCD, anxiety thing did not help matters. I was a a strange, strange kid. Too strange.

If there’s no standard for normalcy, how can we determine if a person is too weird? And what does that mean anyway?

These questions ^ are why I wrote this post. Because there is no limit to weirdness unless it affects our connection with other people. If you’re so weird that you don’t want to communicate or connect with others or they find it impossible to do the same to you, you might be too weird. Human connection is so important to humans; learning to love others without judgement and condition is the greatest lesson of a lifetime, so anything that detracts from this is needs to be reconsidered.

I think I was a little too weird as a child. I see people now who struggle with connection for the same reason. You can be strange and still form those vital human associations. There’s nothing wrong with being weird. Be weird, be strange, be an individual, but also be part of the great human family; be a friend, be a neighbor, be a citizen. Be somewhat weird.

There’s joy in weirdness; there’s joy in human connection.

Be Weird, and Choose Joy.


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  1. sunlitpages says:

    For the record, I never thought you were weird as a kid. But I love your point that if our personality impedes our ability to connect with other people, it might be time to evaluate ourselves and try to make some changes. Luckily though, there are a lot of weird people out there,, so we can usually find our people, am I right?

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    1. ofnoblebirth says:

      So true.


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