Week 4: Light Your Faith

I’m a bit behind this week. Christmas will do that. Plus the wedding…Did I mention that my nephew’s getting married tomorrow? You can probably imagine the chaos. Between Christmas overindulgence and family, I’ve barely had a spare moment of time to blog about lighting your faith.

Light Your Faith

You faith is personal. You must go through the effort to attain it and then nurture it. Nobody—not parents or family or friends—can do it for you. And faith needs to be constantly nurtured because there are other forces seeking to draw it away.

You can Light Your Faith by:

  • Going to a special religious service for Christmas.
  • Memorizing a scripture that means something to you.
  • Kneeling in prayer every morning.
  • Reading the Christmas story in Luke 2:1-16
  • Sharing an experience about prayer and how it helped you carry a burden.
  • Visiting a religious site.
  • Making some of these ideas resolutions for the new year.

I’ve been impressed with a feeling of the importance of personal revelation and personal responsibility for learning and faith, especially while watching General Conference the last few years. The change in time from three to two hours with an emphasis on home study just cements this in my mind. We need to light our faith, both for ourselves and our families, but also for the world. Our individual lights might not spread throughout the entire world alone, but together we can illuminate the darkness that seeks to swallow us. And the biggest light of all? Jesus Christ.

Light equals happiness. It brings joy. The only way to choose happiness is to consciously shine light on your life through service and love. Sometimes this might mean serving and loving yourself. As you strive to Light Your Faith, build your testimony, you’ll find yourself a little happier.

Choose Joy.


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