Week 3: Light Your Family

I’m not sure I should be writing this blog right now, especially about lighting the family when I just got an unpleasant surprise from one of them. I’m irked, which doesn’t make me a great candidate for , but maybe now is the best time to write this. Because despite everything—and in a family (especially a big one), there’s always something—I love my family fiercely. They make mistakes, but so do I. We are, after all, living a flawed, mortal existence where mistakes are not just expected, but accepted as a valuable learning tool. 

So here I am, trying to light my family when sometimes I just feel like strangling them. I guess that’s not abnormal.

Light Your Family

“Serving with your family can bring you closer together, but serving your family members can bring the light of Christ into your own home. This week, focus on ways you can serve the people you love most.”

The family is the fundamental unit of society. It’s around which learning and love is disseminated. Did you know that those with strong family ties are both physically and emotionally healthier? Family makes you happier. Even when they sometimes make you sad.

Here are some ways to Light Your Family (via the LDS.org website):

  • Call your parents.
  • Write a note to a family member.
  • Research your ancestors.
  • Spend one-on-one time with family.
  • Help out around the house.
  • Have family prayer.

And then a few of my own:

  • Tell family members, aloud, that you love them.
  • Give them more hugs.
  • Spend time during the holidays just talking.
  • Share happy memories with family members. And record them for posterity.
  • Take some family photos.
  • Do a family service project.

Just reach out to those who are the closest to you. A text, a call, a note…a card. The love we find here—the family we gain (both through blood and by choice)—is the only things we take with us from this life. Nourish it and each other.

Choose Joy


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