Listen to Some Music | Choose Joy

In honor of yesterday’s World Music Day, I decided to look into the link between music and mood. There’s a lot there. In fact, music ties in so closely to mood that we often find ourselves naturally using it on those days when we’re emotional. For instance, people listen to angry music when they’re angry or love ballads when they’re crossed in love. Gospel music can invite the Spirit of the Lord into your day or give you a measure of peace.

True story: When I was a teenager (about 12-18) and my depression and other issues were new and scary and intense, I was taking piano lessons. Pounding on the piano, playing classic music, and delving into pop piano music was therapeutic. So therapeutic that my mother still comments on it. Thanks to that, I’ve always had a special place in my heart for playing the piano.

Music can definitely help you feel better, but not all music is created equal when it comes to lifting the spirit. Research shows that an upbeat tempo in a major key is the most beneficial toward happiness. On the other hand, sad music or angry music can help clean out all the negative emotions. Either way, music can help relieve stress and increase happiness.


  • Bust out your favorite songs (both new favs and oldie goodies),
  • Crank up the speakers, and
  • Let the joy of music wash over you. Or
  • Make your own music.

There’s nothing quite as liberating as singing at the top of your lungs to your favorite artists or dancing in your room where no one’s watching or pounding on an instrument. Or having yourself a good cry while doing all of the above.

Choose Joy.



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