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Happy International Day of Happiness, friends! I love that this is a thing, and I love even more that each year has a different theme. You could make each theme a part of your life for the year, potentially becoming the happiest person ever. This year’s theme is Share Happiness, which is perfect because lifting others always lifts ourselves. Is it coincidence that this day corresponds to the first day of spring, a time of renewal and life? Maybe not. Spring is Mother Nature’s way (or God’s way) of sharing happiness.

Ways to Share Happiness

In researching the International Day of Happiness, I came across a website dedicated to it; it’s as if it were made for me because that’s what this blog is about: sharing happiness with others by helping them to Choose Joy. How do you share happiness, you might ask? Well, here are a few ideas:

  • Smile at another person. One smile can make a load of difference.
  • Tell someone you love them. What makes you happier than knowing that you’re cherished?
  • Do an act of service. This makes both of you happy and brightens the world.
  • Share an uplifting quote. I love quotes, especially ones that inspire you to be better.
  • Share an uplifting scripture. Have I mentioned how much I love the scriptures? There’s so much good stuff in there. So much hope.
  • Offer hope. There’s always hope. Sometimes a person just needs to know that things will be okay.
  • Share your talents. Writing, cooking, making others life…whatever it is, share if with others and watch the happiness flow.
  • Share a cute picture of your hedgehog (or pet) with others. You’re welcome!

There are so many little ways to share happiness with others. Just share of yourself, and the happiness will follow. If you need some ideas, check out International Day of Happiness’ ideas. Often the person we need to share happiness with most is…ourselves! Allow yourself to be happy.

Choose Joy.


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