Day 24: Watch and Pray Always | Light the World

Jesus taught:

Ye must watch and pray always.”

—3 Nephi 18:15

I’ve mentioned before how important prayer has been throughout my life. It was a lifeline during my most difficult times, namely depression and my brother’s death. Even now, though, after all the evidence I have of the value of prayer, I struggle with it. I don’t have a problem praying—I do that twice a day religiously—but I have difficulty with sincerity. I get stuck in a prayer rut and run through things like a shopping list. I think most of what I say is about me; though I’ve been focusing more lately on asking to hear promptings that help others. gives several good ideas on taking your prayers to the next level:

  • Pray about being an answer to someone else’s problems
  • Pray for others
  • Give a prayer of gratitude
  • Discuss your day

Prayer doesn’t have to be something that you have to do before rushing off to start your day or cuddling into bed for the night. It can be a moment of contemplation, pondering, and gratitude. It can be a way of helping others. I believe that prayer has unrealized power, that humbly talking to the Lord can (and has!) lead to great things. Pray for yourself, for others, for your country, for your Church leaders. Pray for the world. It’s the prayers and faith of the righteous that help hold society together.

Go forth and pray. Choose Joy, and Light the World.



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