Day 11: Take Strangers In | Light the World

I think people’s first assumption to a statement about taking in strangers might be that we should allow immigration and refugees. Those are highly political ideas, and the Church doesn’t do politics. The leaders are very clear about that. They don’t say whether there should be refugee immigrants, but they do say that we should be loving and helpful to those who do come into this country. If they’re here, we should serve them. It’s the same message of love that our Church leaders have been preaching for decades, far before the current political dramas. It’s the same message that Christianity, that Christ, has been preaching for centuries.

Jesus taught:

I was a stranger, and ye took me in.”
—Matthew 25:35

When I think of taking in strangers, I think about Jesus’ parents, Mary and Joseph, and the innkeeper who only had a stable to offer. People might think that the innkeeper was wrong or selfish to not offer a room. I think he was being kind, taking in strangers. He gave what he could. That’s all we’re asked to do.

Taking in strangers isn’t just about helping those within your immediate reach (though there is that). It’s also about helping strangers and refugees wherever they are, in this country or out of it. In an effort to do what can do, here are a list of charities that help “strangers”:

Through the links, you can find ways to help. These organizations are trusted by the Church, so you know that they’re dedicated to helping.

A final note: reach out to those strangers. Wasn’t there a quote somewhere about strangers being friends in disguise? Find those friends.

Choose Joy, and Light the World


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