A Mother’s Arms

For this coming week—week three after the accident—I wrote a poem that is a tribute to both Adam and my mother. Actually, I wrote this poem a week ago on Mother’s Day, but, because of circumstances, we didn’t celebrate it until today.

My mother is the very best person I know. She has all the qualities—patience, love, acceptance, tenderness, tolerance, charity—that I think of as the epitome of Motherhood. The way she lives, the way she has helped to raise all of us, shows the truly marvelous person she is. I love her and respect her more than I can say. Throughout this entire ordeal, I feel the most for her. Mothers are something special and Adam was her baby boy. So “A Mother’s Arms” is for the both of them, and all you mothers everywhere:


Wrapped around her middle

Holding that first resting place

Right beneath the heart

Steadily lulling life into peace as it grows


Cradling that brand new babe

A spark of the divine

Contained within the humble abode

Of a newborn’s body


Shielding a new son

From the glare of the world

Readying a new soul

For the life to come


Lifting him up

From the dust and dirt

Comforting scrapes

Chasing tears away


Supporting a young man’s dreams

Bracing him from behind

Giving strength

To succeed and thrive


Weary from holding others

Being held up in turn

By him, the son

Unseen but always there



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