A Blogging Update, or How Change Is Upending My Life | Choose Joy

Hello friends! So my life has been in turmoil. Good turmoil (I’m hoping), but change has smacked me in the face, and I think you know how I feel about change—how we all probably feel about change (except those few who seem to revel in turmoil).

Short of moving or getting married, my life couldn’t be changing more, which means some things are going to have to give, and that thing seems to be this blog. I won’t stop blogging. That’s madness. I feel that my work on Choose Joy is my life ministry, a way to reach out to others who have suffered depression and other emotional problems. The book part of the blog, though, isn’t as critical, so I’ll be doing mini-book reviews instead of full-length ones. Sadly. I love Read the World, but it’s going to have to take a backseat until I find a balance with all my new responsibilities.

This summer, between school terms, should be a little more relaxing and perhaps I can work on some blogging projects I’ve been eyeing (such as SLC urban running trails and the top chocolate chip cookies in the valley—you know, important stuff). But until I get a breather, know that I’m thinking of you all, and I will still blog, maybe just not as often.

Choose Joy, my friends.


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  1. But wait! What are all the changes?! Did a miss another post where you shared details?


    1. ofnoblebirth says:

      I haven’t shared them yet!


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