Read the World Wrap-Up | Brazil

This last month has been crazy. I’ve been traveling, taking care of a sick hedgie, interning at MormonHub, and working. I decided to take a month off of my regular reading, get in those few books that I don’t have time for, and just try to relax. Fast forward a month and I’m still busy,…

These Running Shoes of Mine…on Oquirrh Lake

Lately my running routine has been that: a routine. A boring, mind-numbing routine. Running the exact same 5 miles day after day makes that 5 miles seem more like 10. Or 20. So I’ve recently made the decision that at least once a week I’ll run at a new location, something different from my usual….

Even Hedgies Get Sick

Mom’s not been blogging or even reading for the last several days since I got sick. Personally, I think it’s much ado about nothing. Yes I have a lump under my jaw that the vet says is a skin infection, and yes eating isn’t so much fun. But I still nap all the time and…

The Lost City of Z | Brazil

The point of this book is the journey that you take with both Colonel Fawcett and David Grann, the journey through both the jungle and the avenues of the mind.

Band of Brothers | WWII

Band of Brothers follows one company of men with extraordinary courage through Europe to victory.

Find Joy…and Write!

I relax through writing, through the meeting of pencil upon paper (or fingers upon a keyboard). However, when you write for your work, you find that you have less time and motivation to write for fun. For instance, my last blog post was probably a week ago; I’ve been so caught up in other writing…

The Alchemist | Brazil

Any book that combines following dreams, love, suffering, and God without being sappy is worth reading.

Read the World Wrap-Up | France

In short, the French are dynamic and complicated and amazing. Pretty much a recurring theme as I’ve been exploring the world through literature (and food).

Finding Joy in Grief

Four years ago today, my brother, Adam, died in a tragic canyoneering accident. I’m not going to get into those details because they really don’t matter and they’ve been rehashed time and time again over the last few years (especially the month following the accident). Suffice it to say, it was unexpected and heart-breaking. So…

All the Light We Cannot See | WWII

There’s more to light or truth than what we can physically see; that light is almost a tangible essence that lifts us up. Indeed, there’s light all around that can make us our better selves if we let it. It’s a light that Marie-Laure, blind as she was, could see, while Werner, with all this brilliance and knowledge, was blind to until the very end: