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In my journey into eating more vegetables in my diet, I’ve looked into some of the healthiest veggies out there (because if I’m going to eat them, I want them to actually do good to my body and mind, not just take up room in my diet). For instance, I’m pretty sure that iceberg lettuce is just water molecules held together by an almost minuscule amount of fiber. On the other hand, kale has plenty of fiber (something you’ll find out to your detriment if you try to eat it without massaging the leaves first to break down the fibrous texture). Here are some of the healthiest veggies out there:

Healthiest Veggies:

  1. Spinach: High in fiber, protein, and vitamins (especially vitamin A)
  2. Kale: High in fiber, protein, minerals, and vitamins (especially vitamin K). It’s an anti-oxidant
  3. Swiss Chard: High in fiber, vitamins, and minerals (calcium)
  4. Collard Greens: High in fiber, protein, and vitamins (such as folate)
  5. Broccoli: High in fiber, protein, and vitamins (both vitamin C and K1)
  6. Green Peas: High in fiber, protein, and vitamins
  7. Asparagus: High in fiber, protein, vitamins (folic acid), and minerals (potassium) — Are you seeing a trend here? Green veggies = good stuff.
  8. Beets: Good amount of fiber and protein, high amounts of folate, and great for athletes
  9. Bell Peppers: Good amount of fiber, vitamin C, and anti-oxidants
  10. Carrots: Tons and tons of vitamin A (as in 1 cup is more than 400% of daily amount), rich in beta-carotene (great for reducing risk of cancer)

*More info at WebMd and Healthline.

However, if the only way you’re going to eat a salad is if it has mild, inoffensive iceberg lettuce, than that’s better than a piece of pizza (or more healthy, not necessarily more delicious though I have had some amazing salads). Eating more veggies isn’t a death sentence; there are some amazing veggie-rich dishes out there. More ideas to come. Meanwhile, eat healthy and be happy.

Choose Joy.


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