These Running Shoes of Mine…at Dimple Dell Regional Park

Dimple Dell Regional Park has been on my radar for a while. However, it’s a matter of driving across the city just to get there. So much work. But I was motivated because the autumn foliage is fading, and I want to see all those brilliant colors before bare branches and ugliness greet me (I was in the nick of time; a little earlier would’ve been better). I’ve looked at this park extensively on maps, but what I didn’t see on the maps (because none showed elevation) was that it’s located in a gully that runs east to west. I was expecting something fairly flat. It was not.

dimple dell

Basic Info:

  • Size. 360 acres
  • Location. 10600 S 1300 E, Sandy, UT 84092, running from about 360 E 10000 S to about 3000 E 9800 S through 10600 S
  • Trails. 5 trails and 5 loop trails
  • Features. Streams, hills, woods, flats
  • Parking. 6 places
  • Trailheads. 18

I was pleased by the park. It’s a great place to take a modest mountain hike within the city limits. With the length of the park, which runs almost 30 blocks, you can get plenty of exercise in. With it’s location close to the Wasatch Mountains, that exercise can take place in a scenic area.

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