10 Fun YA Back-to-School Books

I know that August/September can be a tough time. On one hand, it’s the gateway to the autumn, which I love, but on the other hand it’s the beginning of school, which….I didn’t love quite as much (I’m beyond all that—in fact, I feel a sort of nostalgia about that period of my life now). Here are some fun YA books set in the beginning of the school year to help ease you back into the groove:

  1. Forget You by Jennifer Echols. Zoey’s family life is quite awful, and she must juggle it, the tumultuous start of the school year, and an unforgettable experience with Doug…which she just happens to have forgotten.
  2. Love Story by Jennifer Echols. Erin is in her first year of college trying to make ends meet and win the coveted publishing internship that will see her dream of being a writer turn into reality. But then in walks her nemesis, Hunter Allen, into her first creative writing class, and things start to change.
  3. The One that I Want by Jennifer Echols. Gemma makes friends with Max at the beginning of the school year, an awesome football player that just happens to like her too. Except for the fact that he’s dating her best friend.
  4. Major Crush by Jennifer Echols. Virginia is a brand new drum major of the school band, voted into the position during band camp that summer. However, she has to share the position with Drew. Drew who she has a crush on. Drew who seems to despise her.meg cabot
  5. How to Be Popular by Meg Cabot. Stephanie goes into high school with plans. She’s going to be popular, happy, and date the school jock. If that means leaving her friends, Becca and Jason, behind, then that’s a sacrifice she’s willing to make. Until she realizes that happiness isn’t about popularity.
  6. Love at First Click by Elizabeth Chandler. Hayley takes her job as photographer for the school paper seriously, and with high school football underway, she’s got a lot to handle. However, being up-close with all those players has consequences, one of them is Flynn; super-sweet guy who happens to be popular…and her sister’s boyfriend.
  7. When It Happens by Susane Colasanti. Sara starts her senior year by planning her future: top grades, top college, and love (if she can find it). Tobey isn’t nearly as ambitious, but he knows what he does want, and it might be Sara, even if they’re completely wrong for each other.
  8. Waiting for You by Susane Colasanti. Although Marisa has plans for her school plan byear, disaster hits almost immediately, and suddenly a mysterious teenage DJ is the only one who seems to get her.
  9. Just Listen by Sarah Dessen. Annabel goes back to school in the fall with suddenly no friends and plenty of dark secrets. Owen has a reputation, but he has dark secrets of his own. Maybe the two of them can help each other.
  10. Plan B by Jenny O’Connell. Vanessa has plans, plans, plans, at the beginning of herlast year of high school, and none have room for an unexpected half brother. But once he enters the picture, her other plans start to cascade into chaos.

Yes, there are a lot on here by Jennifer Echols. I love Jennifer Echols. And Meg Cabot. And Sarah Dessen. Yes, many of these books are teenager-y and angsty. There are several similar themes among them, but they’re fun to read and remind me of my teenage years. Good times.

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