Day 20: Life Consisteth Not in the Abundance of Things | Light the World

Jesus taught:

A man’s life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth.”

—Luke 12:15

I think this message is important now, during the Christmas season, when thoughts of the Savior so often vie with material desires. The thing is—and I know you know this—those things don’t go with you. So what’s the point in spending your money, time, and effort procuring them? Sometimes I go to the store, and I think, “Why am I here? Do I really need this? Do I even want it?”

One of the questions on for today is, “What’s something you could live without?” I’ve been thinking about that. I don’t have that many vices materialistically speaking. I don’t waste my money on coffee, tea, alcohol, or cigarettes. But I do drink soda. I could live without it. So here’s my goal: I’m going to stop buying soda for the rest of the year (11 days—how hard could it be?). I can then donate that money to the LDS humanitarian fund.

The point of this life is to love and learn. If your material possessions aren’t helping you reach these—if they are, in fact, hindering you—then thrust them aside. This is something we probably all struggle with. This is, after all, a materialistic society. I know I probably depend way too much on things. I’m no minimalist (I have way too many books for that), but I do believe that “things” should have a purpose. They should help you find joy, real joy. The joy of serving others.

Choose Joy (real joy), and Light the World.


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