Day 17: Meet Together Oft | Light the World

Jesus taught:

Ye shall meet together oft.”

—3 Nephi 18:22

People weren’t meant to be alone. Burdens are easier to bear, beliefs easier to hold on to, when you’re with people of like mind whether they’re neighbors, friends, family, or fellow Church members. I think that’s why regular Church services and weekly activities are so important. We need that extra encouragement not just from the Lord, but from each other as well. It’s funny how we are greater than the sum of our parts. Nowhere else does 1 + 1 = limitless possibilities instead of just 2.

And I can’t even express the importance of families. I think society follows the path of the family whether for good or ill (and right now the family is falling apart; society is falling apart). We need to keep it together to keep our communities and country and society together. It all comes down to us as individuals. It might drive me crazy sometimes that my mom is always organizing family dinners at the last minute where a mass of squalling, talking, running, screaming family is confined into a relatively small space…but I’m thankful for it. I’m thankful for a close family, for having forged relationships with my siblings and in-laws and nieces and nephews that have developed into something beautiful.

Just the other day, my siblings and I organized a surprise 50th anniversary party for my parents. It was amazing how much each of us cares about our parents, how much every one of us sacrificed and worked to make it a success. And then to see how much others love my parents, the people from all eras of their life coming together to celebrate them. It was beautiful. People I hadn’t seen in years, people who didn’t know each other, celebrating together. And this is due to two people who are good, righteous, and loving. If just two people can do so much good, what can hundred and thousands and millions of good people do if we can unite and “meet together oft”?

I’m a firm believer in the magic of being active in the sphere of your influence. Those spheres overlap each other, creating neighborhoods and communities that are united. The more we try, the better our world is and the better the entire world becomes. Form those relationships, nurture them, and allow the Savior’s light to illuminate them.

Light the World. And Choose Joy.


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