Day 16: Clothe the Naked | Light the World

Jesus taught:

[I was] naked, and ye clothed me.”

—Matthew 25:36

I just saw a movie with a homeless guy (not a major character) who was outside during a winter storm. It got me thinking…have you ever been truly cold, cold enough that you couldn’t even think straight and there wasn’t any relief in the foreseeable future? Having warm clothing is something I take for granted. I might need a new shirt here or a pair of pants there, but I never have to go without. Most of us don’t know what that’s like. The closest I’ve come to this was running in the snow with holes in the soles of my running shoes, and this was only one pair of shoes (and I had another pair as back up). This wasn’t a long-term problem. This wasn’t permanent.

I often donate old (and sometimes new clothing that I’ve never worn—it’s a long story) to the DI, Deseret Industries, a thrift store. Here are some other places in which to donate your clothing that can improve the lives of others:

  • The Salvation Army
  • Goodwill
  • Dress for Success. This charity gives professional women’s clothing to those who are trying to get their lives together.
  • If you want to more directly give to those in need, call around to your local shelters. There are many that take clothing.

There are more options. The most immediate answer might be giving to those in your own family or neighborhood families in need. Anonymous giving might avoid any awkwardness (if that’s a concern). A nice set of clothes can improve somebody’s entire attitude and feeling of self-worth. Help them get a fresh start.

Choose Joy, and Light the World.



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