Day 6: Judge Not | Light the World

I think I have a problem judging others. I say “might” because I don’t know if it’s out of the ordinary, if I judge people more than others do. But I believe that’s beside the point because a little is too much as far as I’m concerned. Whether I’m super-judgy or just regular-judgy, I think this day was meant for me. Jesus taught:

Judge not, that ye be not judged.”
—Matthew 7:1

If I focus on my flaws on one hand and being open-minded with others on the other hand, then I find it a lot easier to deal with the inevitable disappointment, disillusionment, and heartbreak that’s a natural part of human interaction.

Today I reached out to someone I had a break with a few years ago (I talked about it in a blog post not long ago). I offered an apology. I doubt this will change things, at least for a while. I hope it does, but I believe the other person is on a long, winding journey that might take years to resolve. About that I can do nothing because the journey has nothing to do with me. But I can hope; so I do.

We all make mistakes; we all fall short. We all hurt others. Refusing to judge others, hoping for the best, makes us vulnerable because we open up our hearts knowing that hurt is inevitable, knowing that sending and receiving love is worth the sad moments, the disappointment. We’re all works in progress.

I refuse to judge others. I want to see them as our Heavenly Father does, with light and potential and so much good. Go forth and love each other. Judge not.

Choose Joy.


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