Day 3: Do Well on the Sabbath | Light the World

Once upon a time, the Sabbath was strictly enforced. Steps and words were rationed. It was into this world that Jesus came, healing the sick and afflicted on every day of the week, but especially on the Sabbath. Jesus taught:

Wherefore it is lawful to do well on the sabbath days.”
—Matthew 12:12

I think doing good is important all the time, but it’s most important to serve others on Sundays, especially when we can use our talents to lift another’s burden. Better yet, there are so many ways to serve that won’t take away from family time. After all, some of the best service we can do is for those with whom we share a name and blood.

I’m terrible at keeping in contact with people I know. With family I’m a little better, but with nine siblings, there are those I talk to a lot…and those I don’t. That’s my goal today and always: keep better contact with my family. I also like to play the piano on Sundays. It lifts my spirit and others around me. I don’t get much opportunity the rest of the week, so this is a special time of connecting to good.

What do you do on Sundays to do good?

I know that some of you reading this are sad or depressed or having a hard time letting your light shine. I want you to know that every instance of good, every smile, every positive word beats back the darkness. And with this, your own heart lightens:

I see the world in living color

The fire of love, still burning inside

The good it reaches, bends, and seeketh

Those who want to spread its light

When it reaches a piercing crescendo

This symphony of love that sings on high

The good it takes us on wings of angels

To heights divine from mortal eyes

I seek to share that humble fire

Warming my soul and glowing inside

To warm my friends and family and neighbors

To spread the heat and love and light

No matter how lost or dark you feel, spread your light and you’ll feel a little bit better.

Choose Joy.


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