The (Mis)Adventures of Quilling

I’m 10 weeks old. Which means that I’m older and wiser now. It also means that I’m quilling.

And that’s not so great.


I lose quills and grow new ones in every few weeks until I’m about 13 weeks old, which is when I have my final adult quilling. So, needless to say, I’m rather grumpy now when anybody except Mom tries to pick me. And even then, I prefer a light touch.
When I get really grumpy, she gives me a warm bath. I’m not a fan of the water, but the warmth soothes the ache of my growing quills. She then strokes me lightly on the back until I fall asleep in her lap.

Sometimes I like to cuddle with Gram and Gramps. Gramps lets me snuggle into his side and we’ll take a nap together. I find his pocket a great place to relax.

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