Lizzy the Hedgehog

IMG_2427.jpgHello, my name is Lizzy and I’m six weeks old. Although I’ve only known my new mom for three days now, I know her by scent. Not so much by sight, though, because I don’t see too well. In fact I depend mostly on my nose, ears and sense of touch. When my mom can’t cuddle me, she wraps me in one of her shirts, and it’s almost as good.

I spend most of the day sleeping. I especially like to hang out with her at night. She’ll rub my back, and I love it. Sometimes I still get scared, though, because I’m in a new place. When that happens, I roll up into a prickly ball, but Mom still picks me up and holds me close to her chest so that I can smell her and know that I’m safe.

I’m Lizzy the Hedgie: Hello World!IMG_2418.jpg

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